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Kitchen Unit Space Plugs

First of all Space plugs are new revolutionary time-saving fixings with many potential uses. Furthermore, they are primarily designed for fixing kitchen cabinets. Therefore eliminating the use of metal brackets to fix the cabinets to the wall. Also, this method of fixing also makes access behind the cabinet that much easier, as you can remove a single unit if necessary.


How to fit a Space plug?


More about space plugs

Above all Space-Plug have widely become the number one product for kitchen professionals and DIY alike. Furthermore, with sales of over 3.5 million units, worldwide they have gained huge popularity. Therefore voted as an award-winning design. Similarly, Space-Plug is a professional yet incredibly simple solution for fitting kitchen base units. In addition to bookcases, drawer units, display units, and many other types of fitted furniture. However, it’s not limited to its intended purpose. In other words, use Space-Plug and other Adhoc uses soon become very apparent. Similarly behind WC cisterns, levelling legs, boxing in spacers et. Finally these fixings remain the only designed for purpose fixing on the market specifically for installing kitchen base units. In conclusion, these plugs are faster neater, and wholly more efficiently than any traditional methods.


More about space plug fixings

First of all, this is an all-purpose professional kitchen fitting solution for gaps. Furthermore its quick, simple, accurate, and user-friendly. Also, suitable for most fitted furniture and accessible after installation. In conclusion perfect for fixing kitchen base units. finally supplied with a multipurpose drill bit.

  • Flexible Positioning
  • Avoids Cables & Pipes
  • Only 1 Screw Required per Fitting
  • No More L-Brackets


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30-50mm, 45-80mm

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10, 50