Chrome Slotted Glass Plates

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Chrome Slotted Glass Plates

First of all Chrome Slotted Glass Plates are often referred to as mirror plates or even keyhole brackets. Moreover, they are a contemporary design with traditional use. Also, known as mirror plates these are constructed from metal. Furthermore, designed to lie flat against the back of a mirror or picture frame. Available in several sizes and can have different-sized screw holes. However, the screw holes are usually flat on one side and countersunk on the other side.

How to use Glass Plates?

  1. First, using a soft pencil and a measure, turn the picture over so you can see the reverse. Accordingly, mark a point to indicate where the mirror plates should be fixed.
  2. Second, measure halfway up the rear of the frame verticals or slightly higher. Equally important, make sure the measurements on the left and right are both the same distance from the top edge of the frame.
  3. Third, place the mirror plates over the mark. Also, make sure the part with just one hole is not too close to the frame.
  4. Forth, place the top hole over the mark. Also, using the pencil mark up the place of the other hole on the frame. Using two screws and the guide marks screw the mirror plates to the frame.
  5. Place the picture on the wall and use the protruding hole as a guide, take a pencil with a long point and mark out where to drill.
  6. Use the third screw through one of the remaining screw holes to screw the frame flush to the wall. A steel pin can be used on plasterboard walls if the artwork is small and light. You will need to use rawl plugs and longer screws for heavier frames.
  7. Equally important, before drilling the second hole check that the frame is level using the spirit level and make any necessary adjustments to level it up.
  8. Finally, if the mirror plate is painted the color of a painted wall, likewise, it disappears into the wall. This is why very many galleries have painted walls!

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1¼" (32mm), 1½" (38mm)

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Pack of 10, Pack of 100