Coupons enable customers to receive discounts whether it be of a item or the whole sale. Our coupons work in many ways. Som will have percentage discounts, Some will entitle the customer to FREE P&P and some will have actual monetary value.

How to use

Coupon codes are to be used whilst at the checkout screen. Simply type in the code (these may be case sensitive) and press enter. Furthermore most coupons may have a minimum spend value of £5. Consequently this means you will have to have at least £5 worth of value in your cart to apply the code.


First of all not all codes are the same. Some are for single use, Whilst others are multiple use but only can be used once per customer. Alternatively some codes such as the ones found on the back of the trade cards can be used a infinite number of times. Within its validity period. Other codes may expire over time and will be replaced by new ones.


First of all coupon codes including cards whether virtual or physical copies will always remain the property of Bryan Watkins & Son Ltd. Codes that have a face value or entitle the user to any form of discount in turn have a monetary value of £0.01 and can not be traded or exchange for any currency. Discounts are to be used in conjunction with a sale online or instore only.


Furthermore each code is unique to its value and properties. Certain codes will not be accepted against products from a certain product category. Categories usually excluded are those which contain products which fluctuate in price on a weekly basis and we make very little on. These categories include Building materials, IE sand, cement, plaster. Timbers and sheet materials and other certain materials from the builders yard.

10% OFF

As a show of our appreciation we are giving each customer 10% off their first online order. A minimum spend of £5 is required P&P is charged separately. To claim this FREE 10% discount use Coupon Code: Handy10

Above all please remember codes are case sensitive we advise customers to copy and paste the codes into the check out screen. Also remember certain items are excluded from discount IE Building materials.

How to get more Coupons?

First of all simply follow us on Facebook Twitter  & Instagram .

Furthermore codes will be given out throughout the year on all three of these social platforms. So follow us and Keep a eye out.



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