Worldwide Masonry Drill Bits

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Worldwide Masonry Drill Bits

First of all these Worldwide Masonry Drill Bits are manufactured in Sheffield, the United Kingdom from British Made Carbide Steel. Furthermore, the drill bits are precision cut with fluted edges and a carbide insert or tip for long life.

Which is a masonry drill bit?

First of all Masonry drills bits feature an arrowhead-shaped tip and are used for drilling holes into tough materials. Therefore materials such as brick, stone, and concrete. Furthermore, they are typically made from steel and used with a hammer drill. In conclusion hammers, the bit into the surface as the drill bit rotates.

Drilling Tips:

  • Always Wear Safety Goggles
  • Always set the selector on the drill to hammer action.
  • Apply light and even pressure during drilling.
  • Check for Gas, Power, and Water pipes before drilling and internal or external walls.

Masonry Drill Bit Sizes.

  • No.6 (4.0mm – 5/32)
  • No.8 (5.0mm – 3/16)
  • No.10 (5.5mm – 7/32)
  • No.12 (6.5mm – ¼”)
  • No.14 (7.0mm – 9/32″)


When fitting wood screws to a wall it is advisable to use plastic or wooden wall plugs. All sizes and weights are quoted as approximates and may be used as a guide only. Finally, these are clearance items and the packaging has seen better days.

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No.6 (4.0mm – 5/32), No.8 (5.0mm – 3/16), No.10 (5.5mm – 7/32), No.12 (6.5mm – ¼"), No.14 (7.0mm – 9/32")