Walking Stick Ferrules

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What is a Walking Stick Ferrule?

First of all, Walking Stick Ferrules are the base attachments at the bottom of a walking stick or cane. In other words, the ferrule is the bit at the bottom of your stick. Furthermore, it makes contact with the ground, saving your stick from hard impacts and cushioning the shock that travels into your arm. Above all, Ferrules come in all shapes and sizes and can be made from metal, plastic, rubber, or a combination of multiple materials.

non-slip walking stick ferrules.

First of all these Ferrules fit on the end of walking sticks, canes, crutches, stools, and other items which feature wood, steel, or aluminum tubing. Furthermore available in a variety of sizes. Also which helps stabilize and reduces the chance of slipping. Finally, these parts prevent metal legs from marking hard floors, greatly improving the friction between the surfaces.

5 sizes Available

  • 1/2 inch 12mm,
  • 5/8 inch 16mm,
  • 3/4 inch 19mm,
  • 7/8 inch 22mm,
  • 1 inch 25mm

Each pack consists of 2 Ferrules.

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12mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm