Form A Steel Washers

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Form A Steel Washers

First of all these Form A Steel Washers are made from graded steel and coat-coated bright zinc. Furthermore, there are several different forms of flat washers. Also, designated by a letter code from A to G. However some are only available in a particular finish, but what exactly do the different forms stand for?

First, simply put, each washer has to have certain dimensions to be classed in a type of form. Even so, no matter where you buy from or where the item was manufactured, all washers designated in the same form will have the same measurements.

BS4320 washer forms A to D are typically supplied self-finish in a range of metals including steel alloys, brass, and copper.

Form A washers: Normal diameter, normal thickness
Form B washers: Normal diameter, light thickness
Form C washers: Large diameter, normal thickness
Form D washers: Large diameter, light thickness


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Washer Size

M3 x 7mm, M4 x 9mm, M5 x 10mm, M6 x 12.5mm, M8 x 17mm, M10 x 21mm, M12 x 24mm

Pack Size

10x Washers, 100x Washers