Flamenco Gravel


Flamenco Gravel 20mm

First of all, this beautiful Flamenco Gravel is made up of a mixture of stunning colors. For instance, pinks, greys, and white gravel. In addition, these stones are perfectly suited for garden paths. Also, driveways, general landscaping, and decorative designs. Finally, this will most definitely add elegance to your current garden design.

Flamenco Gravel Features

Indeed, Flamenco is truly beautiful and elegant that adds value and appeal. Furthermore, makes it ideal for borders, water features, and general landscaping. Equally important helps suppress weed growth if used with landscape fabrics. Moreover, gravel is a naturally quarried product. However, this may result in slight variations in formation, size, color, or indeed shape. On the whole, the chippings have a mixture of stunning colors that could really add a wow factor to your garden.


Bag Size: Approx 850Kg Bulk Bags.
Size: 20mm (Based on the width of stone)
Uses: Driveways, Paths, Landscaping Projects, and Decorative Design.
Colour: Pink, White, and Grey
Shape: Angular
Specification: BS EN 1260


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Additional information

Weight 850 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 100 cm