Chipboard Screws CSK 3.0mm

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Chipboard Screws

First of all our Chipboard Screws are top quality, waxed single thread, multipurpose screws. Popular with the professional. Features a lower screw-in torque and faster drive speed. Suitable for screwdrivers, combi drills, and impact drivers.

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Countersunk Chipboard Screws

Countersunk Screws are a popular type of precision screw. They feature a countersunk head, which allows them to sit flush against a target housing. Countersunk Screws are intended to be used alongside pre-drilled holes featuring a countersink.


  • Countersunk Head
  • Carbon Steel
  • Wax-Coated
  • Coarse Single Thread
  • Superior Quality & Heat-Treated for Resistance to Snapping
  • Excellent for Softwood & Chipboard
  • Deep, Sharp, Single Thread for Cutting Cleanly through Wood
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3.0mmx13mm, 3.0mmx16mm, 3.0mmx20mm, 3.0mmx25mm, 3.0mmx30mm