Brass Flush Hinges 75mm

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Brass Flush Hinges 75mm

First of all our Chrome Flush Hinges 75mm are Electro Brass plated. Furthermore, these pair of Electro Brass plated Flush hinges are made from graded steel for durability and resistance. Also, allows the door to be flush mounted in face frame application. above all features a decorative chrome effect coating on hardware for beauty and protection. finally packed in pairs screws Not Included.

What are Flush Hinges?

Flush hinges are usually hinges concealed within the inside of furniture or cabinets with opening doors. In accordance with its name, flush hinges can only be used on flush surfaces.

How to fit Brass Flush Hinges?

As flush hinges do not require you to cut a recess, they are often most ideal for lightweight doors and small cabinets and make the installation process much simpler.

  • First of all, selecting the appropriate hinge size is required, considering the required weight of support, size, and style.
  • Next, you will need to have the required tools for installation. Most commonly this will include a drill, screws, pencil, and set-square.
  • After that, with care, hold the hinge against the required surface ensuring it is flat and parallel with the edge of the surface. Above all, ensure this is done accurately using a set square.
  • Taking a pencil, mark through the holes of the flush hinge as a guide for drilling.
  • After that, once happy with the positioning of the fastening holes take an appropriate size drill bit.
  • Drill a guide hole in which your screw will follow.
  • Reapply the hinge in line with the guidance holes and fasten securely using screws the hinge to the desired surface.
  • Therefore once one side of the hinge is fastened you must simply repeat the process to the adjoining surface.
  • Furthermore ensuring once again your measurements upon fitting the hinge are accurate to allow for smooth opening and closing action.
  • If the hinges have not been applied flush to the surfaces then the mechanism will not work efficiently. This is why we always recommend rigorous planning and measurement during any fittings.
  • The installation of your flush hinge should be completed and is a suitable choice for cabinet hardware.

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