Araldite Standard Syringe

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Araldite Standard Syringe Epoxy 24ml

First of all the Araldite Standard Syringe Epoxy is a strong, solvent-free adhesive suitable for all materials. Truly ideal for durable bonding and repairs. In fact, perfect for complicated jobs which require adjustment thanks to a long ‘working time’.

Furthermore, it has a long ‘working time’ with parts positionable for around 80 minutes. Specifically, ideal for projects and complicated heavy-duty work.

Equally important, it achieves a full ultra-strong bond in around 14 hours. Also, when used in line with the instructions printed on the pack will give you dependable, long-lasting results.

On the whole, bonds metal, wood, masonry, ceramics, glass, dry concrete, chipboard, leather, cardboard, fabric, rubber, and most plastics (except polyethylene, polypropylene, Teflon®).

2-component epoxy with long ‘working time’. Parts are repositionable for 80 minutes. Oil, chemical, and impact resistant. High-temperature resistance (-30°C to 80°C). Withstands rough handling. Do not use it to repair or bond items that will contact food or drink.


  • New Ultra Strong Formula
  • Strong, Solvent-Free adhesive suitable for all Material
  • Oil, Chemical & Impact Resistant
  • Ideal for Durable Bonding and Repairs
  • Perfect for complicated jobs which require adjustment thanks to long working time.
  • Working Time 90 mins
  • Handling time 8h
  • Full strength 14h

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