25mm WBP Plywood

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WBP Plywood is one of the most commonly used boards across homes. Manufactured and designed with layers of thin sheets of wood veneer glued together using WBP adhesive and compressed. Furthermore WBP Plywood’s offer a high quality finish with a knot free surface. Therefore it gives you value for money without compromising on quality. Most noteworthy are resistant to cracking twisting and warping providing they have been used in the appropriate manner. For the reason they also offer reduced splitting when screwing or nailing and are rated with low expansion and shrinkage. Consequently making them stable when used in all dimension.

Key Features

  • WBP (Water and boil proof)
  • Wide range of uses
  • Hard wearing
  • Durable

WBP Plywood is used for many purposes including; bath panelling, sheds, storage boxes, roofing, interior vehicle building, floors, walls and roofs in house constructions etc. WBP Plywood can also be used externally as long as the edges and the face of the board are preserved with a treatment. WBP Plywood can be easily cut to size using a handsaw or electric saw. It is also suitable for joinery and milling processes. Although WBP Plywood has great surface finish, it can be varnished or painted if required.

Our Hardwood Plywood is a B/BB Face Grade sourced from a single producer whom we have worked with to develop a High Quality panel with the knowledge that it conforms fully to EUTR Timber Regulations and to EN13986 (CE2+ Structural), EN636-2, EN314-2 & is E.1 Emission Compliant too.

Additional information

Dimensions 240 × 120 cm