22mm Solder Ring Coupler

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22mm Solder Ring Coupler

First of all 22mm Solder Ring Coupler is a simple cost-effective way to join copper tubes together without the need for pre-soldering. Furthermore, they are suitable for use above ground and on either hot or cold domestic systems. Finally, all Solder Ring Fittings are WRAS approved and be assembled using hard and soft solders.

What are Solder Ring fittings?

Solder Ring Fittings is a pre-soldered copper fitting manufactured with lead-free solder. Specifically, designed to join copper tubes without the need and time to pre-solder. Consequently, suitable for use in hot and cold plumbing systems and potable water

How to fit end feed fittings?

  1. First, cut the tube square using a rotary tube cutter wherever possible. If a hacksaw is used to cut the tube, a fine-toothed blade should be used.
  2. Second, remove any burrs from the inside and outside of the tube ends. Also, give tubes a thorough clean.
  3. Thirdly, Subsequently, when the correct temperature has been reached the solder will flow freely and be drawn into the joint. Briefly reapply the blowtorch and wipe off any excess solder.
  4. Finally, Allow the joint to cool without disturbance. Accordingly, clean the joint generally, wiping off any external flux residues. On the whole, this will prevent unsightly stains or corrosion of pipework. Finally, flush out the pipework.

Key Features

  • Simple.
  • Cost-effective
  • Light and neat
  • Compact dimensions

Meets BS EN1254-2.
Kitemarked and WRAS approved.
Suitable for use on above-ground, hot and cold domestic systems.
Manufactured from copper, gunmetal, or other DZR alloys.

Operating Conditions

Maximum working pressure 16Bar.
Maximum operating temperature 99°C.

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